Pokud jste při práci s distribucí RedHat narazili na zkratky RHAPS, RHDS, RHCS a RHGFS, naleznete zde jejich stručné vysvětlení.

  • RHAPS – Red Hat Application Server
  • RHDS – Red Hat Developer Suite
  • RHCS – Red Hat Cluster Suite
  • RHGFS – Red Hat Global File System

A 2 pokusy o vysvětlení těchto zkratek:

  • RHAPS – RH applications not sure what makes them special
  • RHCS – Cluster package
  • RHDS2 – Modified Eclipse package, An Integrated Development Environment for programmers.
  • RHGFS – Global File System manager for storage area networks


  • RHAPS – Redhat Applications Server: for building content management systems, intranets, portals, and custom applications
  • RHCS – Redhat Cluster Suite: designed specifically for Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. Companies requiring applications to be highly available, or wishing to improve the performance and availability of their network infrastructure, should consider using a Red Hat Cluster Suite configuration.
  • RHDS – could be Redhat Differentiated Services: a protocol for specifying and controlling network traffic by class so that certain types of traffic get precedence – for example, voice traffic, which requires a relatively uninterrupted flow of data, might get precedence over other kinds of traffic.
  • RHGFS – Redhat GFS is a cluster file system that provides data sharing among systems. Red Hat GFS features a single, consistent view of the file system name space across all nodes in a cluster. It is a native file system that interfaces directly with the VFS layer of the Linux kernel filesystem interface.
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