Akronymy II.

Další dávka používaných akronymů

	As Far As I know	AFAIK
	April Fool's Joke	AFJ
	Away From the Keyboard	AFK
	As Soon As Possible	ASAP
	Anything You Say	ATYS
	Be Back In A Bit	BBIAB
	Bye Bye For Now	BBFN
	Be Back Later	BBL
	Be Seein' You	BCNU
	Brute Force and Ignorance	BFI
	BackGround	BG
	Be Right Back	BRB
	By The Way	BTW
	Bloody Fucking User	BFU
	Compuserve Information $ervice	CI$
	See You	CU
	See You Later	CUL,CYL
	Damned If I Know	DIIK
	Falling Down Rolling On The Floor Laughing	FDROTFL
	Fill In The Blanks	FITB
	Friend Of A Friend	FOAF
	Finger Of Death	FOD
	Falling Off The Chair Laughing	FOTCL
	Face-To-Face	F2F
	For What It's Worth	FWIW
	For Your Amusement	FYA
	For Your Information	FYI
	Grin (usally typed )	G
	Go Ahead	GA
	Grinning, Ducking & Running (usually left end of a digging message)	GD&R
	Garbage In, Garbage Out	GIGO
	Gee I Wish I'd Said That	GIWIST
	As in "I GROK", means thorough understanding.	GROK
	Ha Ha Only Joking	HHOJ
	Ha Ha Only Kidding	HHOK
	Ha Ha Only Serious	HHOS
	Here's Looking At You Kid (a parting)	HLAYK
	I Could Of Course Be Wrong	ICOCBW
	In My Humble Opinion	IMHO
	In My Not So Humble Opinion	IMNSHO
	In Other Words	IOW
	It Would Be Nice If	IWBNI
	Just A Minute	JAM
	Just Stark Naked Magic	JSNM
	Keep It Simple, Stupid	KISS
	Life's A Bitch & Then You Die.	LAB&TYD
	Laughing Out Loud	LOL
	Love To Love You Baby	LTLYB
	My Eyes Glaze Over	MEGO
	Male OR Female	MORF
	Mind Your Own Business	MYOB
	No Big Deal	NBD
	Never Heard Of Him/Her	NHOH
	No Problem	NP
	Now That You Mention It	NTYMI
	OBligatory Joke	OB, OBJ
	Oh God Its Monday Again	OGIMA
	Oh, I See	OIC
	Over (to you)	O
	Over and Out	OO
	On The Other Hand	OTOH
	Over The Top	OTT
	Pain In The Ass	PITA
	Preventive Maintenance	PM
	Pardon My Jumping In	PMJI
	Phase Of the Moon	POM
	Point Of View	POV
	Raw, Unadulterated Dumbness	RAD
	Re-hello (hello again) or re-hi	RE
	Real Life	RL
	Rolling On The Floor Laughing	ROTFL
	Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off	ROTFLMAO
	Right On The Money	ROTM
	Special Interest Group	SIG
	Significant Other	SO
	What's Up?	SUP
	So What Else Is New?	SWEIN
	That's All For Now	TAFN
	There Ain't No Justice	TANJ
	There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch	TANSTAAFL
	Thanks In Advance (also aTdHvAaNnKcSe or advTHANKSance)	TIA
	The Powers That Be	TPTB
	To The Best Of My Knowledge	TTBOMK
	Ta-Ta For Now	TTFN
	Talk To You Later	TTUL, TTYL
	Talk To You Soon	TTYS
	ThaNKS a million (also TNX1M)	TNX 1.0E6
	Thank God Its Friday	TGIF
	Are You OK?	UOK?
	With Respect To	WRT
	What The hell	WTH
	Yet Another	YA
	You Asked For It, You Got It	YAFIYGI


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